Who are we?

We are an HR Consultancy based in North Northumberland providing HR advice and guidance to businesses in a variety of sectors across North East and South West Scotland, and beyond.

​We are your outsourced HR department, providing you advice and guidance as and when you need it. We also work with micro organisations taking on their first employees, providing them with the essential frameworks and documentation to ensure compliance with employment law.

What do we stand for?

At Cheviot HR we believe that THE RIGHT employees are your most important asset. However, attracting and retaining the right employees can sometimes seem unobtainable.

We work with our clients to attract and retain top talent. Your ideal employees who fit in with your company culture, and who deliver excellent results.

Your Employer Brand

It’s all about establishing and communicating your employer brand. What your company is all about and why talented people out there should come and work for you.

Providing You a Great Service

We want you to feel like you are getting tremendous value out of the service we provide and we get a huge kick out of delivering real, measurable results for you.

We believe in creating a strategy that’s right for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.